Barking Dog Arts Guide on How to Dress For EDC Music & Arts Festivals

edc festival clothing guide

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Tips to Dress up for EDC Music & Arts Festival

I want to talk all about how to shop online for EDC Music & Arts Festival. We’re talking about clothes, makeup, accessories everything, so I’m going to start with clothes because that’s the most exciting thing. I think your clothes are honestly, where your whole outfit and look starts. You base your makeup and your accessories off your clothes. First is Purge Culture- If you haven’t heard of this brand, they’re based out of Florida, everything is handmade hand-sewn. They constantly have new styles, and the best part is they have clothes for men and women. So you’re going to be able to find something and all their pieces are so cute. I’m sure you’ve seen their prints at every single festival.

edc festival clothing guide

 Top Edc & Rave Outfits for 2020

One of the most popular ones, in my opinion, is the acid bath outfit. It’s like how you would describe it like colorful, trippy prints on black. I’ll put a picture of me wearing it. I have the matching set, so it’s the tube top and then the bell-bottoms.

I’m going to be wearing that to EDC this year. It’s going to be one of my outfits and I’m so happy about it. They have so many other cute things, whether it’s two tops just tops in general, bottoms shorts, high-waisted shorts, everything they have everything for great highly recommend, checking them out.

Also, the owner of the brand is like the coolest ever. If you go check out their Instagram, their style is just next-level. I got my black one-piece bathing suit from there. The material is good & it has lasted me all of these years, and nothing has broken.

 Why you should buy high-quality clothes for Festivals

I wear the EDC outfits from them all the time and they are so comfy and the materials are amazing. So, for that reason, I think it’s worth investing in a one-piece bathing suit because not only is this a double as a bodysuit, but I love running it with shorts and jeans. It can also double as a rave/ EDC Music Festival outfit.

It’s comfortable and I think everyone needs one basic black bodysuit or just like some sort of black bodysuit because they go with so many different looks, and you can easily dress it up or just keep it super casual.

 Other Accessories that are a must-have for Arts/ Music Festivals

They also have shoes, accessories, clothes, makeup, glitter, like everything they’ve got it all. One of the most exciting things about Purge Culture, in my opinion, is their boots. I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but that chunky platform super high boots that come up to like your knees. Their clothes and accessories and everything is very edgy, but also still trendy. So, there’s something for everyone, and if you want to make a statement, they are the place for you.

The holographic shoes are like the unique pieces that you don’t see on the Internet. They also have bathing suits & they are colorful trippy one-pieces. I bought this holographic one piece from them and it was super cute.

I’m gonna lump into one category, and that is Instagram rave brands. I discovered these brands and I think they all have this cool, unique niche. They’re super expensive, but it’s something that I wouldn’t mind investing in. If I have the budget because they just look incredible, they have these cool white sneakers, and they’re all white.

The next one is the LED Purge Mask. They have masks with these amazing prints of them. If you’ve ever been to the festival, you know how cool it is to wear a mask that glows. It is one of my priorities to bring a purge mask at Festivals.

edc music and arts festival

Why is Makeup an important part of the outfit for Girls At Festivals

Let’s talk about makeup. More specifically, I live for glitter. I have tried so many different types of glitter throughout my past. It has been like six years or something attending festivals now, and I have found the best glitters that look beautiful and are just really affordable.

The glitter looks super cool because they have so many different colors in it. When I’m looking at it, I see purple-blue, green, yellow. They work well for eyeshadow, just one slip on your finger and your eye, and you’re good to go and whatever excess is remaining on your finger. You can use it to just tap on your collarbone or like your shoulders, your arms forever, and it’ll look so pretty they also last all day. Glitter is such a must for festivals, and it makes it so easy for traveling. Two coats are the perfect amount to get it nice and built up and looking opaque. If you do anything like three coats or more than that, it’s gonna start to crack, and I speak on that from experience.

Then comes the holographic lip glosses, so they come in a bunch of different shades. The white and the blue one is one of my favorites. All of them are just very glittery, but it’s not overwhelming. It just looks stunning & you can either wear these by themself or layer them on top of lipsticks. They just look so magical, and they’re so fun for festival looks they also have a cooling and plumping effect.


So that is it that is my EDC Music & Arts Festival online shopping guide. If you have any favorite festival stores that I didn’t mention, make sure to comment down below, and let me know what those are. I always love discovering new stores, especially for raves. Barking Dog Arts is comprised of a variety of unique artists from potters to painters, fiber artists to jewelers, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Come explore the open studios during our public hours!