Community comes together to flourish inside the walls of Charismata Boutique. Shop creator and curator Demetria Parker uses the studio not only to showcase her own handmade jewelry, artwork, coasters and more, but also to lift up and bring light to her fellow artists and makers. From wood burning to pen and ink sketches, cord bracelets to massage therapy, Demetria makes it her mission to have a place where all forms of art can come together and thrive. She even highlights work from our local homeless community and works closely with First Stop.

Demetria began assembling jewelry as a way to keep her hands busy while waiting for the results of her Bar Exam. What began as a means of calm and focus, quickly expanded into an expression of a vibrant style and voice. Demetria now works to create gorgeous sets of necklaces and earrings that are wearable works of art. She is skilled in resin work, molding fabulous forms to use as pendants or stand-alone pieces. Her coasters are her latest series, offering beautiful, unique patterns perfect for your home! So come on out to Charismata Boutique, Studio 267 of Barking Dog Arts and get a massage, shop some jewelry and artwork, and see what is new in store!