Sometimes creativity calls to us as a method of catharsis, a therapy that we can gift ourselves in times of need. Cre8tive Sistas Jana Ross, Kathy Ross & Valerie Furst are an embodiment of the power art has to brighten our world. The wonderful women were brought even closer together after Jana received a cancer diagnosis. She began creating necklaces out of keys, which she now knows as her keys to recovery, and the creativity blossomed. Kathy contributed her Victorian and steampunk style and Valerie added a texture of textile with her upcycled clothing and purses. Although they started with different styles, their creativity brought them closer together, overcoming Jana's heath issues as a team with their art, and now they operate as a cohesive team. Walking by their studio, it is impossible to not find something that catches your eye.

Their pieces are made with recycled materials, taking something that would normally be overlooked, adding vibrant colors and textures and bringing those old pieces to life in a new way. From the Fabulous Freaks made out of old doll parts, jewelry made out of watch pieces to skulls adorned with leather and sequins, the Cre8tive Sistas work represents not only the journey of the materials, but the journey these artists have taken as well. Stop by Cre8tive Sistas Studio 262 of Barking Dog Arts and be welcomed in like family.