Logan Tanners’ paintings play on the dark side of beauty, capturing viewers with sharp, vivid color and signature style. A University of Montevallo graduate, Logan received his degree in printmaking and painting with a minor in art history. A lifelong lover of art, Logan began pixel art and drawing at a young age. In 2005 he began painting with surrealist and expressionist influences and a love of full saturation and bright colors. His subject matter ranges from pitcher plants to self-portraits to abstracts creatures of the imagination, each exploring southern culture and artifacts of the south with a style that highlights both the uncomfortable and the beautiful.

His interest in pixel art and printmaking help his creative focus, working within these strict mediums to breed creativity. His ability to change between creative outlets helps rebalance priorities remain inspired by projects. He has recently been taking his work to the public art forum, creating breathtaking murals for Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, Kroger in Madison, and the Downtown Rescue Mission. For more information on Logan and his work, visit www.Logantannerart.com or stop by Studio 255 of Barking Dog Arts and see what he’s working on today!