Out Loud HSV is a literary arts collective celebrating all aspects of the written and spoken word by providing a platform for people to interact with other writers and readers, have important conversations in a safe space, and grow their skills. Created by Kimberly Casey in April 2014, Out Loud HSV began as a small monthly meeting of writers and poets sharing their work with each other in an intimate setting. Now Out Loud HSV is host to heartfelt open mics & features, passionate poetry slams, engaging workshops, community discussions and more. Out Loud HSV is driven to showcase all facets literary arts in new and interesting ways, honoring the many voices, styles, and characters that may grace their community.

Studio 263 at Barking Dog Arts functions as a home base for writers to come together and create. Explore the walls and shelves and see a wider variety of written and visual artwork created by community members. The studio aims to showcase the way words can influence our perception of visual art, and the complex relationship between the two mediums. All are welcome to utilize the writing space; during public hours you may find a number of writers crowded around the table drinking coffee and putting pen to page. Keep up with the wide array of events happening with Out Loud HSV at their Facebook page or their website, www.outloudhsv.com, and be sure to stop by Studio 263 of Barking Dog Arts and share some words with your community.