Sara Bowen is an extraordinary potter, using her hands to mold clay into breathtaking pieces that come to life with unexpected shadows, colors and design. "With a passion for function, beauty, and the wheel-thrown form, I create pottery that aims to please both the eye and the hand. Both my functional and decorative pots are often filled with drilled holes and incised lines undulating across their forms in curves and petals," Bowen describes. You can see her inspiration and love of nature in the floral designs carefully carved into the surface of each piece.

From Sara's hands to yours, these pieces are one of a kind works of art that you'll use with gratitude in your day to day life. Whether you're looking for berry bowls, coffee mugs or full sake sets, Sara has a piece that is meant to be yours. Check out the latest face mug and jug collaborations with artist Logan Tanner! Stop by Studio 255 of Barking Dog Arts and see each unique handmade piece for yourself. Interested in learning the craft yourself? Sara has a variety of classes available for all skill levels, so visit and set aside some time to get your hands dirty!